Coming up Milhouse

It turns out sometimes giving yourself a hard time can be a motivational tool.

My last post was a bit negative as I felt I hadn’t made the most of my first week in Sweden.

I called myself out for not taking up all the opportunities I’d had to meet people, get to know my new town, and generally integrate myself into Swedish life.

While I was grateful for the kind comments of friends and family who told me not to be so hard on myself, putting those things down in writing gave me the motivation to try and be more proactive.

I mentioned that there’s a reading group at the English Bookshop; now I’ve bought the book of the month and signed myself up for the discussion later in October. I talked about SFI; now I’m registered to begin the course in early November.

The icing on the cake was opening the mail pigeon hole earlier today to find that I have been granted a personnummer (personal identity number)! You need one of these to do just about anything in Sweden – open a bank account, get a phone contract, etc. I had read horror stories about waiting a year or more for a personnummer, so getting it through so quickly was a boost. It made me feel like a “real” Swedish resident for the first time.

I also bought some clothes from H&M. Definitely a Swede in the making.

There are still a few items on my to do list for this week, but it feels like things are moving in the right direction. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!


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