That escalated quickly.

On Sunday (four days ago) we went to our first viewings for flats to buy.

One of the places we saw, on a road called Djäknegatanwas pretty nice, but we decided not to make an offer since we hadn’t had the chance to compare it to other properties on the market.

The rest of the week started to pass and we went to a couple more viewings. We made plans to go to four more the next Sunday. We weren’t thinking too much about the Djäknegatan flat, even though after viewing it we thought we could see ourselves living there. We had plenty of time, there was no need to rush into anything.

Then this morning Andreas got a call from the estate agent who had shown us the flat on Djäknegatan.  The price hadn’t risen much from the starting price listed on the advert, and the sellers weren’t too keen to go with their top bidder, who seemed indecisive about the flat. If we were willing to make a decision quickly, we could buy it at a bargain price.

We spent the next 20 minutes or so looking through the photos of the flat again and again, mentally rewalking the floors, reminding ourselves what we liked and disliked about it, comparing it to the other places we had lined up to go and see. Was it crazy to commit to buying a flat just a week and a half after moving to Uppsala?

Well, quite possibly, but that’s what we did. We weighed everything up and decided to go for it, and found ourselves sitting in the estate agent’s office a few hours later, signing contracts, feeling frankly sick with nerves that we might have made a huge mistake.

We walked home via the place we had just agreed to buy – knowing that it was too late to change our minds either way – but luckily that helped us feel reassured about the decision. Finding a zipwire in the nearby playground didn’t hurt either.

So from 15th December we will be homeowners! It’s pretty mindblowing how quickly everything happened and how easy it all was, given the long and drawn-out process that usually seems to take place in the UK (touch wood).

Personnummer – tick. Flat – tick. Now I just need a job! Anyone?


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