Cloud cover

The weather has a powerful hold over my mood.

I think it happens to everyone to some extent:

If it’s a bright, clear day, it puts a bit of a spring in my step, no matter how cold it is. It makes me capable of doing things like leaving the house on time and smiling at strangers.

The worst kind of weather is when there’s an opaque blanket of clouds across the whole sky, like a thick grey ceiling.

It makes everything feel like a huge effort and it gets me down – on a bad day it can make me feel quite depressed. Just going about my day when the clouds are heavy overhead takes some work and lots of tea.

For the last few days I’ve been thinking, it feels like I haven’t seen the sun for weeks.

With my only regular routine being SFI classes for three hours each morning, it’s been a bit of a struggle not to spend whole afternoons lying on the sofa thanks to the murky mood the clouds have put me in.

So when I saw this news story in The Local this morning (Sweden set for darkest November on record) I felt simultaneously vindicated and annoyed. On the one hand, at least it shows I haven’t been exaggerating how shit the weather has been; it’s not all in my cloud-addled mind. On the other hand, seriously Sweden. Did you have to have the worst November on record when I’ve just got here? You thought the sub zero temperatures in December-March wouldn’t be enough for me to deal with?

I’ve started keeping the curtains shut at home in the afternoon because it’s less depressing than letting the cold, dead light that ekes through the clouds into the room.

So I was desperate for some good weather news today.

I’ve been scouring the forecasts to find one that will tell me what I want to hear. And at last! According to Google, by Wednesday the skies might only be “mostly cloudy” with the possibility of “clear” on Saturday!

Excuse me while I pencil “skipping and frolicking” into my diary for Saturday.

Meanwhile, I can’t help noticing the irony in the rather more pessimistic BBC predicting black clouds for the same day.

There’s nothing we Brits like more than complaining about the weather, after all.


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