Praktik-al magic

Sorry about that title. I have a disturbingly high level of dependency on puns.

As I’ve mentioned before, since May I’ve been a participant on a course called Korta Vägen, which includes language classes and an internship – praktik in Swedish – of up to 12 weeks.

What I’ve failed to mention is that I’ve now been at my praktik for almost four weeks. Sorry. Blogging is hard.

So here’s the low down on what I’m doing with my life right now, in a handy FAQ format.

What are you doing with your life right now?

I’m four weeks into a 12 week praktik at Salgado, a digital communications agency in Uppsala!

And what is that exactly?

Salgado works with a bunch of clients – companies, services, charities etc – to help them make the most of this brave new social media world. They mostly work with strategy and training – in my short time there I’ve attended a “social media for B2B” session and a Snapchat workshop (add me! I’m snap_hej).

And what do you actually do as an intern (praktikant)* there?

A bunch of stuff. I have been helping out with a wide range of clients in whatever way I can given my less-than-perfect Swedish yet undeniably awesome social media savvy – from advising on how to improve engagement on a Facebook page to writing English content and doing the odd spot of Photoshopping.

I have also been blogging! Reading my Salgado blog posts is almost certainly the number 1 most efficient way to get yourself up to speed on my praktik experience so far.

I take full responsibility for any terrible puns found therein.

Where is the office? What are your working hours? Do you get paid? I WANT TO KNOW EVERYTHING.

So I’m doing this full time which means 08.30-16.30 Monday to Friday (some people come in even earlier. Crazy Swedes!).

Since the office is in the centre of Uppsala my commute is just a 10 minute cycle or 25 minute walk which is a dream come true.

I do get a small amount of money each month, but not directly from the internship – it’s because I’m participating in Korta Vägen, which is an official work-finding activity as defined by the jobcentre.

Oh, and the featured photo for this post is the view from the office. Not bad huh?

How is it going? Do you like it?

I do like it and I think it is going well! Everyone at the company has been super nice and friendly and I’ve had lots of positive feedback so far, which is lovely. It feels really good to be working a regular day again, in an office environment with other people, contributing to something and seeing that people appreciate and value my work. All good things!

Is it not kind of a big problem that you can’t speak Swedish though?

Ehhhh, yes and no. I can speak enough Swedish to awkwardly get by, and I can understand most of what’s said in a meeting held in Swedish. However my confidence in my language ability has kind of plummeted and I do find myself mostly speaking in English, which I’m not proud of.

It can also be tough when I need to pay attention to other people speaking Swedish for several hours in a row – think about the difference between how much work your brain does just listening compared to constantly translating every sentence. It’s hard! But I’m extremely lucky that everyone understands my native language, and it’s given me some extra motivation to improve my Swedish.

Well, it seems like everything is working out pretty well!

Thanks, imaginary question-asker! I think so too. I’m learning a lot and challenging myself in all kinds of new ways so whatever happens after my 12 weeks are up, I’m confident my praktik will be a really positive thing for my future in Sweden.

Sounds… magical.

Thus taking us full circle to the title of the post and giving me a useful note to end on. Thanks for reading!


* In a hilarious twist, the word “intern” in Swedish means “inmate”, as in, in prison. Thanks Orange Is The New Black for that piece of vocab.



3 thoughts on “Praktik-al magic

  1. Great post Helen! I really hope that this experience will be of a great value for your future..and all of us..
    My second week on ‘praktik’ is pågå and it feels great, but first week was really hard – so many people speaking swedish with each other so fast and half meaning that I felt like a dummy… but I survived it 🙂 now it is much better – we all have to go through this phase, right?!
    Good luck 🙂

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