To do list: 2017

This year, in lieu of new year’s resolutions, I’m making another list. I may only have achieved 11 out of my “16 for 2016“, but the format worked for me, so I’m repeating it this year with a couple of tweaks.

The rules are as follows:

  • Every item on the list must be self-contained – something you do once, rather than something you have to maintain over time or repeat multiple times during the year
  • Every item should be something that I could realistically already do. In other words, it shouldn’t require any additional training or repetition in order to be able to complete it
  • Every item should be theoretically achievable within a short period of time – ideally a day, but this is flexible

In other words, rather than being a set of resolutions, it’s a to do list. This year, rather than having a set list of 17 items, the list itself is longer but I’m aiming to tick off 17 items from it. Completing one of 2016’s unachieved goals also counts towards that, although I won’t repeat those here.

In order to ensure a bit of variety, this time around I started with categories and used those to define goals. I’ve also had two “themes” in the back of my mind while making the list. Having that kind of direction made it feel a little bit more New Year’s Resolution-y, rather than just a list of things I want to do (although there are still plenty of items that are just things I want to do).

To do list: 2017

1. Do something new with my hair

2. Volunteer some time to an important cause

3. Take a spontaneous trip

4. Clear out my bookcase and get rid of books that I won’t read again

5. Complete the ICA Klassiker fitness challenge

6. Give more to charity than I gave in 2016

7. Go somewhere in Uppsala or the surrounding area that I’ve never been before

8. Read a non-fiction book in Swedish

9. Work on a project that makes me proud

10. Play a board game I’ve never played

11. Reconnect with someone that I wasn’t in touch with during 2016

12. Make a doctor’s appointment

13. Redecorate our bedroom

14. Do something kind for a stranger

15. Spend some time disconnected from social media

16. Make one of the recipes saved in my bookmarks that I’ve never made

17. Celebrate bonfire night in the UK

18. Connect with a newcomer to Sweden

19. Go to a gig for an artist I haven’t seen in concert before

20. Spend in-person time with all of my closest friends

I guess I’ll be back in December to let you know how successful I’ve been. Until then, may all your new year’s resolutions come true!



One thought on “To do list: 2017

  1. Stumbled upon your blog this afternoon and really enjoying it so far… very thoughtfully and eloquently written! I’m moving to Uppsala in about eight weeks’ time to begin a two-year Masters program and am simultaneously scared to death and over-the-moon excited. While I’ve lived/worked abroad before (in Belgium), it was for a much shorter period of time and there were far fewer details to work out in advance (no need for visa, housing fairly straightforward, minimal personal documentation required to take along, etc.). Reading about your experiences has been quite informative and helped me relax a little about the upcoming chaos and adventure 🙂 tack!


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